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Starting when I was around 11 or 12, the skin on the bottom of my feet began getting very thick and discolored. It would crack and bleed, etc. And the itchiness, although very mild, made me constantly pick at my feet if I was in an idle sitting position.
A little while after this, I started getting random rashes across my arms and legs. It would go away and come back. This went on until I was 18, and each outbreak was worse.
I eventually started having difficulties breathing.
Because I have what they deem an 'unavoidable allergy' to Blue Dye #1 (which is used in things that are not even blue, not even noticeably dyed, in 'natural' food such as raw fruit, and things like vanilla ice cream and frosting, etc, due to such a consumerist market) it was assumed my allergy was getting worse and I was being exposed in some strange way.
But even after going to purely organic foods and ridding my life of everything that could possibly contain the dye; I was still having allergy symptoms.
At 18 I developed a blood clot in my left bicep that gave me a rare form of deep vein thrombosis and cut off circulation to my arm, and was admitted to hospital. Where I proceeded to enter full anaphylactic shock several times and almost died.

What happened was that I had Athlete's Foot, and developed an allergy to the fungus. This is called an 'id reaction'. And they discovered that it was also the cause of my blood clot, and that the allergy was affecting my blood vessels, my heart, and my brain.
Many things were tried to get rid of this, as it was indeed life-threatening. I was on 24 hour antihistamines, and on a 12 week course of an antibiotic. But no cream or anything worked to get rid of what was on my feet and fueling the fungus.
The only thing that worked to completely get rid of the initial outbreak???

Something called Burrow's Solution. It's an antibacterial and astringent solution that treats a variety of skin problems. After soaking my entire body in the solution four times a day for 2 weeks, every instance of the fungus on my skin was completely gone.

I am so amazed that more people have not heard of this stuff before!!! You can buy it at your local pharmacy under the name of Domeboro. It's about $15 where I live. And it is basically many little packets of this powder that you pour into a bottle of water, and shake it and stir it up until it is completely dissolved, and then pour it into a bath and soak your whole body. Or, you can just pour it into a little container and soak your feet!!! It's marvelous.
You would need maybe 2 boxes to soak your feet twice a day for 2 weeks. But then I guarantee you will be symptom free!!! And only need to use it occassionally.
And unlike things like apple cider vinegar and bleach, you literally cannot feel this working. It like, doesn't hurt or anything at all. It feels very cool when you get out of it though, but in a very pleasant way. Every time I use it I feel like my skin is brand new and it's so smooth.

It's only 5 months after this incident and I have been AF free, but I still soak my feet in this stuff once a week just to make sure I don't get any more reactions, although I am switching it to twice a month soon.

I do use apple cider vinegar too:
To clean the insides of my shoes!!! It works wonders. If you don't do this, then the AF may come back.
You also should throw away any pumice stone or grater-thing after every use while the AF is still in affect.

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Thank you so much for posting your story. Yours has a lot of similarities to my situation (aside from the hospitalization issue) and I appreciate you sharing what worked for you. I bought the Domeboro solution and started soaking yesterday. I'm hoping this works as I'm so tired of dealing with this and the I'd reaction. Thank you again. Happy soaking!

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