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I am surprised very few suggested clove 'oil', it can be purchased @ pharmacies, health food stores ect. Some pharmacies sell clove oil packaged as 'toothache remedy' which includes a small brown vial of oil a flimsy pair of tweezers & tiny cotton balls. Take small piece of cotton soak in oil and put directly into cavity, DO NOT touch gum or tongue it burns like hell. Leave cotton in hole seal hole to prevent oxygen exposure to nerve. I also plugged with temper dent to seal. Clove oil has always worked for me GOOD LUCK ... Toothache is the worst!!!

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I See!!!Well im just going to have to give that a shot.ive been suffering this tooth ache for several days now and ive tried like every home remedie you can think of its i read your home remedie and im going to try it out and see if it helps me out.Also another one may be to crush up like advil ect..and place it on the hurt tooth.they say that hepls.however in my situation that will not work i need a dentist for my tooth but cant see one for another week 1/2:(thanks for the remedie...

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