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So, I've been on google for the past hour or so looking up remedy's and all that jazz. I've tried most of them, a lot of people say alcohol works, but as it is 3 in the morning and all the liquor shops are closed, and none in the house, that wasnt an option for me. I have really bad teeth, cavities, and rotten teeth. I've tried many options and so far this has worked the best for me. Orajel Antiseptic Mouth Wash. I tried that and it instantly took the pain away, still throbbing, but so far it has been my best bet. I also tried using sore throat spray, I poured about a shot of that into some really warm water and swished it around for a minute or so, still very affective. If nothing is working, and you cannot stand the pain, I would recommend buying a loratab off the street, they run about $5 a pill, and that will take the pain away. Yeah, not legal, but its for a good cause.

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