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I used for all insects inside the house RAID FUMIGATOR. It is a smoke not a spray bomb. They come 3 in a box and the animals cannot be inside when you do this but by the time we got home to raise the windows all insects were either dead or crawling out of every crack on the outside running away. We had no more problems for at least 6 months. They cost about 20 bucks a box.

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Tried this.... used 2 cans in a 1 bedroom appt. Didn't work fleas were still in the house when we left on a wednesdayand returned on a sunday night! gave dog a bath wednesday no fleas on vacation by tuesday he was scratching again... FLEAS. I rubbed one drop of tea tree oil with a 1/4 cup of water seems to be working so far. Fingers crossed!


We used this type of Raid- actually used 3 boxes (9 cans). Our house is very small but we were desperate to get rid of fleas. We also gave dogs Capstar and bathed them with Dawn and expensive flea shampoo. Left house shut up tight for 5 hours after we bombed and still had infestation when we got up this AM. Ugh - over $100 and still have fleas! Going to try the lemon/salt- vinegar suggestions next. I hate fleas!

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