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Since yesterday night I've had to bare with one of the most painful toothaches anyone can ever come across. I barely slept and after reading most of these remedies I now know why.... Of course I tried the cold water method. Idk y but it looks like its a first instinct for many of us... Though it does help while you switch it from side to side in your mouth once the water isn't cold anymore the pain strikes again... and I found it to get hell of worst when I didn't do it. I couldn't lay down... Could speak... Eat.. This toothache really took over my only day off this week... So I went to Walgreens... Purchased the oragle extra strength... Pain killers and even sleeping pills in case nothing helped I was sure to just knock out. I tried the pulling the tooth thing too but it's in there pretty secure... I think a piece of my tooth broke off... Causing this excruciating pain... So anyways... I tried the garlic and salt. Helped but not for long at all... Warm shower... Nothing... I've been taking pills all day and I have yet to calm or ease the pain away... I went thru my medicine cabinet and found a girls best friends MIDOL. Took another shower... Heavily brushed my teeth... And sat on my bed literally in tears... This pain has been around for more than twelve hours now... As my tears came down my face (not kidding) I prayed... (seriously) I am currentky laying in bed and dont feel any pain...MIDOL and Jesus helped me with my pain lol... Hopefully it helps you!

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