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I just want to say I've never posted on a 'remedy' board before, but I swore if I conquered my decade-old plantar wart I would. First, I'd like to say I tried every treatment besides having the wart cut out and nothing worked. What finally killed the plantar's wart on the bottom of my foot was this: apple cider vinegar, BC powdered aspirin, cotton swabs and bandaids. Each night for three weeks I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar. Afterward, I soaked the tip of a cotton swab in a paste made of BC Powder and apple cider vinegar. I tore the tip of the swab off and stuck it in the indentation where the wart was. I then covered it with a strong, stetchy bandaid, though any bandaid would do. One night, the pain was so intense I had to get up and take the bandage off. Once a day I would take sharp tweezers and pick the dead skin of the wart out. About 9 days in, I was able to pull the 'black seeds' out. So weird, but it didn't really hurt. I kept up the ritual for about another week, and then soaked my foot in a small tub (I used a plastic shoe container) each morning while I was putting my makeup on.

I've waiting three months to post this, to make sure it worked. For a time, I could still see the white crater and worried I wasn't healing. I was, thank goodness. I'd encourage you to try. Tenacity seems to be the trick. Also, the powdered aspirin pushed me over the hump; I'd tried apple cider alone before.

I know how devastating plantar warts can be. I didn't want to show my feet to ANYONE. I skipped a lot of girl pedicure parties and the thing acutally hurt!

I hope I've helped you. I spent many nights reading these boards, looking for answers.

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I'm 63. I've had these damn plantar warts for most of my adult life. They have always been on my right heel, no more, no less. I've tried all kinds of remedies, I've gone to podiatrists. Their treatments didn't help. The warts must be rooted in my brain. I'm going to try the apple cider/aspirin remedy. It sounds like it would work as well as anything, maybe better. Incidentally, to the person who claims to have plantar warts on their knuckle, the word 'plantar' simply identifies the location of a wart, for example, the 'plantar' surface of your foot. The commercial wart remover might work fine for you.


Oh, sorry, I just read that treatment didn't work for you. Well, then. Good luck to both of us with the vinegar and aspirin.


I read alot about the apple cider and asprin treatment and yes it was very painful the first three nights, but i got thru it and today after 5 days it was like a pit in the center came outvery easly and releived some pressure on my foot. My doctor has been cutting away at these (plantar warts or clogged pores)for over a year. Hopefully this works, still painful, but hopefully it will get better.

suzzi Q

i have had my plantar wart at the palm of my foot now for 5 years im constantly picking at it and cutting at it. ive had it cut out once yea that didnt work at all and it hurt like a motha... im going to try this acv and bc aspirin... do you need to wear the qtip cotton all day long because im on my feet 9 hrs a day at work and it kills me to put pressure on it


I've been using just apple cider vinegar w/tape but want to try the aspirin paste. Is 'BC' aspirin Bayer Children's aspirin? I bought regular Bayer aspirin. Just want to make sure...

Thanks so much for the info! Can wait for this to be gone!


I have had a wart on side of pinky finger. Used distilled white vinegar for 1 week only at night with small cotton ball and bandaid. Week 2 black scab came off I thought it was gone 2 weeks later came back. I am working on my 6th day using distilled white vinegar again and this time no black scab just tiny black dots. My question is.. do I pick those dots out? Do I leave alone? Do I still continue with vinegar?

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