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I just want to say I've never posted on a 'remedy' board before, but I swore if I conquered my decade-old plantar wart I would. First, I'd like to say I tried every treatment besides having the wart cut out and nothing worked. What finally killed the plantar's wart on the bottom of my foot was this: apple cider vinegar, BC powdered aspirin, cotton swabs and bandaids. Each night for three weeks I soaked my foot in apple cider vinegar. Afterward, I soaked the tip of a cotton swab in a paste made of BC Powder and apple cider vinegar. I tore the tip of the swab off and stuck it in the indentation where the wart was. I then covered it with a strong, stetchy bandaid, though any bandaid would do. One night, the pain was so intense I had to get up and take the bandage off. Once a day I would take sharp tweezers and pick the dead skin of the wart out. About 9 days in, I was able to pull the 'black seeds' out. So weird, but it didn't really hurt. I kept up the ritual for about another week, and then soaked my foot in a small tub (I used a plastic shoe container) each morning while I was putting my makeup on.

I've waiting three months to post this, to make sure it worked. For a time, I could still see the white crater and worried I wasn't healing. I was, thank goodness. I'd encourage you to try. Tenacity seems to be the trick. Also, the powdered aspirin pushed me over the hump; I'd tried apple cider alone before.

I know how devastating plantar warts can be. I didn't want to show my feet to ANYONE. I skipped a lot of girl pedicure parties and the thing acutally hurt!

I hope I've helped you. I spent many nights reading these boards, looking for answers.

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How long did it take total? In starting two weeks and I see blacks specs but the whole thing isn't black. I'm just afraid mine are too deep for them to fall out like everyone else claims happend to them.


This is MC. I was worried about the same thing. Mine never turned totally black either. More brown than black. It took around three weeks of agressively treating the wart for all the black specks to go away. I'd like to encourage you to keep trying. I got discouraged several times over the years and gave up. The trick is to keep going, keep soaking the wart in vinegar, and keep covering it with tape or a bandaid at all other times. It WILL go away, but not until all the black specks are gone. I had mine for over ten years and it was extremely deep and painful. I posted because I failed so many times along the way, and I wanted to encourage others with this stubborn ailment to keep trying. Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for such a post n home sister has alot of warts on the foot.i have texted my sister about what u have written and i really hope that it will work as she's going through alot of pain.


to mc did you use regular vinegar or the one with the mother. thanks b j in ky


first of all, thank you for posting this. I have alot of faith that this will work for me. I've tried acid, but only burned the skin on my foot and didnt even dent the wart. I'm only willing to try natural remedies now. My diet includes a lot of anti - viral foods like garlic, ginger, onion, and probiotics, so for those of you with warts, I would suggest that also. It can only help. One question though, where can I get BC Powdered Aspirin? And when you say soak, do you mean you just dipped the G-tip in the paste or let it sit in it for a while? Just want to make sure I do it right. Thanks again :)


Hi MC, can you tell me if the skin around your foot turned hard and white? I'm afraid the apple cider vinegar is killing the skin around the wart too much and I should stop this treatment. I've been doing it for a week so far and i have a large white ring around the wart!
Thank you!


I've been doing this for just over a week now and I'm starting to see results! The black dots do appear to be getting closer to the surface and the skin around the warts (I'm assuming where the virus is located) is turning white and the healthy skin around the warts is fine. I'm extremely squeamish and haven't been picking at the skin any, just you think it's still going to work? Or should I have a strong cocktail and woman-up?!


What is the ratio of BC powdered aspirin to cider vinegar when making the paste?


I have two planters warts on the knuckles of my hands. They have been there for over a year now. I am going to try this method after numerous failed attempts with salicylic acid, laser treatment and topical ointments. I was wondering - do you just crush up aspirin and mix it with the vinegar. How much aspirin do you crush up?



I, like many of you, tried many methods of treatment. As a child I had the acid applied, surgical removal, and also some form of electric current, all at different times for the same reoccurring wart. The only method that worked was the electric current but it took two months with two visits per week. As a working adult I don't have that kind of time so I decided to try the apple cider vinegar method. I am excited to say it has worked great! I would say the two warts I'm treating are about 1/4 inch wide on the ball of my foot. At night I soak my foot in apple cider vinegar (the inexpensive brand from the grocery store) for 20 minutes. Then as I go to bed I soak a small piece of cotton ball, about the same size as the wart, in the vinegar and place it on the wart and cover with a bandaid. I have found that using the Nexcare brand bandages work the best because they seal all the way around and doesnt let the cotton ball dry out as quickly. In the morning remove the bandage and the wart will look white, swollen and pruned, like when your in the water to long. I wash it and put a sock on to keep from contaminating anything. During the day it would look normal again only the center would have black specks. Before starting the treatment again at night I would take a pair of small clippers and trim the dry, crusty and little black specs away. Repeating this routine for 10 days straight I am happy to say that I trimmed away the last part of what appeared to be a wart tonight, leaving only healthy skin. However I will continue this routine for a while to make sure that it kills the 'root.''

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