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My son had about 15 plantar’s wart on his right foot. We twice tried freezing with liquid nitrogen at the doctors with lots of pain and no effect (perhaps even more warts as a result?). We tried over-the-counter salic acid treatments – causing painful calluses and warts going under the callus. We then tried apple cider vinegar after seeing this and other sites. AMAZING results. We started 6 months ago with one wart at a time – since there are reports of pain. Our method - after showing or soaking foot in water – soaked a portion of a cotton ball, which matches the size of the wart, in apple cider vinegar and applied to the wart and then applied a band-aid to hold the cotton ball in place on the wart - every night a bed time. For us, after about 4 or 5 nights, the top layer of skin and wart was dead and none have come back and all have 100% healed skin. We are on the last “mother wart” and that is also just about completely gone. I cannot overstate how amazed and happy we are with the results. Easy to do. Do it at your house. Very little pain. Warts are gone. It you have plantar’s warts – please try this.

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Can you tell me if the apple cider vinegar affected the skin around the wart too? I've been doing this treatment for a week and i now have a large white ring around the wart and am wondering if i should stop the treatment. Thanks!!


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