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Aviod Ibuprofen during your period. It causes you to bleed over-accessively. Tylenol works just as well for me.

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I've been taking Ibuprofen for my two last period s n my flow has been ridiculously heavy.. Next month I'm going back on Advil to see if it's that or maybe I might need to seek medical attention but the heavy bleeding only started after taking ibuprofen.


This is funny, I take a shot of liquor and it relived my pain and slows down my flow.

Vanessa Carmichael

Every time I take ibuprofen it's make my period flow very heavy with I learn to tough out the pain instead of bleeding everywhere.


I've always taken tylenol with no problem. ..last month I started taking motrin and my period has became extremely heavy....I'm afraid to take the motrin anymore. .


I had the Nexplanon placed on June 06 of this year and I have not had a period or spotting since then. So for 4 months I had nothing. 3 days ago I started having some bleeding. The first day it was brown and there were quite a few clots all day. The second day was a normal very light flow. And now today it is pretty much the same, a very light flow, a little more than just spotting. I have had no other side effects with this birth control. Is there anyone that has had the same situation? Will the bleeding stop?


Actually ibuprofen is NOT a blood thinner. Aspirin is a blood thinner. I work in cardiology and the only thinner you can buy otc is aspirin. Ibuprofen and naproxen work as pain relievers and soothe muscle contraction by working on prostaglandins which cause this. Also can thicken blood slightly. That being said ever wonder why someone with a stent can’t have ibuprofen? Tylenol is not like ibuprofen. This is why people on anticoagulant therapy can use Tylenol. It merely reduces pain by interfering with pain receptors.


I have a LOT of blood clots and they scrappedcmy cervical and it still bleed heavy. Help with info on this matter if you are experienceing the same heavy mess smh


It's so funny that this post is still going after all these years. I came here because I thought something was wrong with me. I took Ibuprofen at the beginning of my period and it is so heavy I've dumped my cup several times in one day. This is my first time taking IB and it did relieve the cramps. I mean I haven't cramped at all. I'm used to taking Tylenol with light to regular bleeding so when it became heavy this time around I was curious if that was weird since IB is supposed to shorten your cycle. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who became a heavy bleeder after IB. Now I have to decide whether to take IB and have no cramps and heavier cycles or suffer cramps for a light and regular cycle.


I've had my period for around 2weeks this has never happened to me before! What is a good remedy to make it stop!


I have fidbroids and adenomyisis can bleed very heavily I found out if I take ibuprofens before the period just one day and take for 3 days then the period under control, if I take ibuprofen after the crap and bleeding already happened then it is no help

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