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Aviod Ibuprofen during your period. It causes you to bleed over-accessively. Tylenol works just as well for me.

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What can I take? I have GERD and heavy bleeding that last to almost 10 days. I was forbidden to take Advil Motrin ibuprofen but only tylenol.


I have tried the ibuprofen way and it helped me alot. Everyone body does react differently. Just stick to what's best for your body.


Amazed that this thread is still booming after 10+ years.. LOL

I'm here because my period last seven days and is always regular. I bleed heavy the first three days then the fourth and fifth day it's manageable then the sixth and seventh day it's really light or spotting. Well this month my period came on early than expected.. Like four or five days sooner. I am currently on Day 6 and I'm bleeding heavier than normal. I really need this to go away. So in attempt I have taken 650 mg of NSAID and I'm gonna take some more in about four or five hours or so. I'll let y'all know if it actually stopped my period.


Your all wrong.


Just kidding would not know


I just got off the hematologist. I also saw a gyn before (the one who sent me to the hematologist) who wanted my platelets to be tested because I have very heavy bleeding (and I take ibuprofen). The hematologist told me to stop taking the ibuprofen 800 mg as he said it's a blood thinner. I also see contradicting info here.


For myself, I must agree with the original post and the OBGYN. My period was just about to end, then I went to the dentist and he gave me 600mg. Ibuprofen scrip for tooth pain. After I started taking it, all of a sudden my period came back and it was super heavy with flooding and some clots (my body trying to stem the flow!). I admit there's no cramps, but that's the only benefit. I'm stopping Ibuprofen and using something else for the pain. I feel anemic, I've bled THAT much in the past two days! Everyone is different, but this is evidence-based for moi!


To Anonymous from Sun 16 Oct 2016, I'm in the same situation as you. If you are anemic, DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN. It only worsens the bleeding, plus it made me projectile vomit and almost faint one time, when I mistakenly took it to help some cramps. You should first try and treat the cause of the excessive bleeding which is causing the anemia (that will take some tests on your doctor's part). But in the meantime, you can treat anemia by taking "Blood Builder" supplements (on Amazon, these are great and don't cause constipation like regular iron pills), also, drink 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses a day in a cup of hot water. BSM has tons of iron and helps with anemia. I don't really like too much meat, but I would buy some grassfed beef and make some nice chili, or get some organic chicken livers with onions. Do this for a week or two and then get your HGB checked. Mine normally goes up (once, from 7 to 11, but it took a month), and my periods get normalized when my iron is right. Also, in a pinch, you can take like 15-18 yarrow caps overnight and it will actually STOP your period in it's tracks. Yarrow is an anti-hemmorhagic (sp?), and it's amazing with no side effects. Cheap, too! So remember, you are anemic for a reason, so find out why and fix it. Anemia is no joke and can cause other serious problems! Good luck!

Sinner Saved By Grace

I agree as well Motrin makes ME bleed more. Now, I have endometriosis and not willing to try BC. I travel a lot and after bleeding so much on the seat I am not willing to take or should I said try BC to figure out what works. That means its gonna get worst bleeding wise and I dont wanna wait that long. From working in a lab and the effects of BC if it doesnt work can do more damage flow wise. SO after doctor understood gave me Menfenimic with is ponstol generic , amazing. Helps with pain and bleeding stops and dont come back on till its time. LOVE IT till lap surgery for endo and scar tissue. Dont ignore the bleeding. The only way to truly diagnose endo is through surgery. No ultrasound can detect it. It can come back. I had the surgery for endo, and got pregnant 3 months later praise the Lord. Thank You Jesus. After I had my baby girl it came back 4 months later. Praying for you ladies. Its no joke bleeding alot period. Ask questions at your doctor office and do your own research so you wont be a lab rat at your health and expense . The OBGYN RN was right in MY case. Pray for yourself to Jesus answers ..... :)


I was told once you get your tubes tied, that your cycles are alot less severe. Bull crap. Mine are worse. Since I got my tubes cut burned and tied.

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