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Aviod Ibuprofen during your period. It causes you to bleed over-accessively. Tylenol works just as well for me.

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Conventional wisdom is that ibuprofen reduces prostaglandins, which reduces cramping, and I'll agree with this. When I'm having cramping, ibuprofen is the way to go.

But, I have also found that ibuprofen increases the amount of bleeding and if I'm having a heavy period, I should avoid it as it makes it heavier.

If you read the professional monographs on drugs like ibuprofen, tylenol, etc., you will see that ibuprofen is contraindicated in people with bleeding disorders and it can cause bleeding in some people. Tylenol has shown no evidence of causing increased bleeding.

We're all different. There's no need to argue about this. What helps one may hurt another.


I have a gynaecologist because of perimenopause, only they know their stuff about these things. I suffered and was hospitalised on three plus occasions for heavy prolonged periods four different GPS told me to take ibuprofen! In turn made my heavy period like water and the loss very bad. My gynaecologist wrote to GPS in disgust, if you are aneamic you must avoid ibuprofen at all cost as it is a blood thinner and if your aneamic with heavy loss can in serious cases be fatal. I agree with the first post yes it makes it worse much worse if you are aneamic. The 14 year old please drop the attitude I have been having periods 35 years seen many professional gyno,s you have been having them what 5 minutes!.
Please ensure before u take it you are not aneamic many GPS especially women have a don't care attitude take ibuprofen without checking and off you go. They need further training and time to actually listen some probably haven't even started their periods yet they are so young!
For some of us menopause is round the corner smile. For others it will stop eventually don't be a prisoner to them see a gynaecologist preferably a man they are sensitive and know their stuff.


Ibuprofen works immediately to stop heavy menstrual flow. I was stressed out and worried that I'd need an operation of some sort to stop my nearly 3 week long blood flow. My brilliant physician prescribed ibuprofen and an hour after taking one 600 ibuprofen, my flow stopped. Take an ibuprofen ladies!


I have been bleeding heavy for 7 days I stopped for to which I thought it was done for good and now I'm bleeding another 14 days heavy flow and some cloths my doctor OBGYN told me to take ibuprofen but I'm getting all these mixed signals now some people on here are saying ibuprofen will make them bleed more so I don't know what to believe doctor gave me a birth control pill called previfem told me to take two tablets daily until bleeding stops and she said it would take about 2-3 days I'm on my 4th day taking this with the ibuprofen and still bleeding I now have a cough so when I cough I bleed onto my iPad I'm going through pads like crazy I'm really feeling down and I don't know who to believe anymore I'm have been on these sites for days trying to get help trying to find answers and I just wish that I knew for sure do I not take the ibuprofen do I take something else and whys is this pill working when she said it would


I have Pcos and I bleed heavy. Like softball size clots. When it starts I take 1600mg of Motrin. Then 800mg 3x a day while on my period. It slows it down enough so I can be a mom instead of sleeping on the toilet and camping in the bathroom.


Ok I pulled my back out and was suffering so bad I had to take a trip to the E.R where they prescribed me cyclobenzaprine tramadol and 800 MG of ibuprofen. I was almost finished with my period but now I went from spotting to a pretty heavy flow. Do you think the medication is the cause of the heavier bleeding?


Everytime I take ibuprofen (advil or motrin) I bleed alot more. I don't know how they say it works to reduce bleeding but in my case I have to stay away from it.

Dar Dar

Hi Ladies

Ibuprofen saved my life!!!!!!! I was diagnosed with pcos and bleed for 3 months straight with no stopping. I tried everything like yarrow, Apple cider vinegar, vitex, ginger root, primrose and iron pills everything made me bleed harder. So I searched and searched and read about ib I took 6 pills which were 1200 mg at one time and now today my period is super light. I am gonna take another 1200 mg and keep u ladies updated


'Actually, previous poster, you are wrong. While Advil is ibuprofen, Tylenol is acetaminophen and Aleve is naproxin'

You can also take Naproxen for reducing periods. Why? Because it's not about Ibuprofen as a unique drug, it's about the fact that both Ibuprofen and Naproxen are both NISAIDS.


I don't understand what is with the arguing back and forth. Every female body is different, different medications work for some rather than others

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