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Aviod Ibuprofen during your period. It causes you to bleed over-accessively. Tylenol works just as well for me.

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Chaste berry stops my bleeding. Just saying. I had PCOS a few years back with clots and all and while ibuprofen helped a little, this natural herb pill I got from Whole Foods stopped it.


After reading all this comments I am totally confused. So what really should I take for my heavy periods Tylenol of Advil????? So many opinions1!!


ibrufen surely reduces the pain but not the flow. my bleeding was so severe that i could hardly move around for 3 hours! My doc gave me tranostat MF. 1st it was 3 times a day but then i was put to 2 tablets 3 times a day..still it was a boon to me as i can now attend my college regularly.

Bloody Mary

None of this is of any help to anybody. You people need to add footnotes on where you got your information. I'm looking for answers not arguements.


Taking aspirin or Tylenol does not work for me at all. In fact it makes bleeding worse and in many cases has lead to making me nauseated, vomit profusely, and even led to me fainting once. Ibuprofen is the only thing that works decently, and I usually try and take it the day before I know I will get my period as it sometimes helps.


I agree with the original poster, it is a fact that asprin is a blood thinner, the nasid work very well for pain; exedrin etc...obviously all of our bodies are different that's why u'r not suppose to use other peoples scripts... For me Ibuprofren is like taking extra cramps, they rip my stomach apart,,, for years... I am a heavy bleeder, day one , forget about relief, day two a long hot bath soothes pain, slows down bleeding, ..temporarily... I wish I really knew how to substaincially slow down this dredful process... I have birth 6 children and my cycle has a mind of it's own... Some times it's seven days heavy three managable four, sometimes it's three days, heavy one managable two... But it is the Only time I Hate being a Woman :-(


oh asprin will make you bleed more and cramp more. I know this because my boyfriend got me the wrong thing and I took it anyway. I went through a bunch of tampons and cramped my life away when it wore off.
Now I know ibprofen helps relieve muscle cramps because after I take ib I don't have to take it anymore.. I'm talkin 3 200 mg pills or more. its cool but its Not cool. because some times my period stops and I think its over and later on I bleed again or have a longer period known as excessive spotting. ugh...


The polar opposite is true. It lessens bleeding. Dont trust the nurse. Shes only quoting the mis-information they teach at the colleges. I have had heavy heinous periods for years. I always used tylenol but have come to rely on Ibuprofen as it greatly reduces the cramps and flow. Without it I have to make homemade pads out of washcloths that fill hourly even when im laying down with my feet up. Clots larger than a silver dollar. Now I can just use storebought overnights with the help of IB.


I agree, I'm on my cycle now, visiting family for Spring break, no one has tylenol, so I took an 800mg ibuprofen, and has been bleeding heavy every since then, which is what brung me to this site.


i do not agree with gyn mother of 3.i am a mother of 4 and have had 11 miscarriages prior.after my forth delivery i have heavy periods.i keep them in check with motrin,also ive had many surgerys and have never herd of no motrin the doctors are worried about asperin,fish oil anything that thins the blood also blood thinners like warafin etc if your diabetic.i took motrin after i gave birth and thats the heaviest absolutly controlled my heavy flow when everything else of course every person is different,so its always good to get a second opinion,but even my e.r doctor recommended me to take it when i was almost hemorraging.

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