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Aviod Ibuprofen during your period. It causes you to bleed over-accessively. Tylenol works just as well for me.

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Ok people that claim they can't take ibuprofen because it makes them bleed heavier, but they take advil, aleve, or tylenol. Hello! These are all ibuprofen! Read the label honey, its the same freaking thing! Yes aspirin will make you bleed more because IT is a blood thinner, that is why they recommend it for people with heart attacks, high blood pressure, or blood clots. But you can't take it before any type surgery. So people please know what you are taking before you take it. If the doctor didn't tell you it was ok, than don't do it until you know it is safe.


Actually, previous poster, you are wrong. While Advil is ibuprofen, Tylenol is acetaminophen and Aleve is naproxin. All VERY different drugs. While there is no medical link with acetaminophen or naproxin controlling bleeding, there is a direct correlation between ibuprofen and decreased blood flow. However, every body reacts to things differently. I think it would be very wise for everyone to check your facts before posting. And unless you are an MD or a RN do not claim to know things with certainty.


That information is completely opposite of the truth. I have a blood disorder called VonWillibrands and it makes me bleed A LOT. I have to take ibuprofen to reduce the cramping to reduce the bleeding. If I take Tylenol my bleeding intensifies, especially Tylenol with codeine because it acts to thin the blood.


The original poster may be right. When I had to have a missed miscarriage induced, my doctor said the only painkiller I could take was Tylenol. She said anything else would increase heavy bleeding, which you already have a lot of during miscarriage, and it can be dangerous. So take that as you will. As far as my cycles go though, I have heavy bleeding & cramping but as soon as I take 2 Advil, my flow decreases significantly and I lose all my cramps. Same thing every month. So for me, Advil does slow my bleeding regardless of what anyone says. I'm not a doctor, but this is just a fact for my body.


ASPIRIN is a blood thinner and needs to be avoided at all costs. NAPROXEN, which used to be prescription only, is now available OTC and is a pain reliever AND muscle relaxer, and it works wonders. But yes, Tylenol is fine, and so is Ibuprofen. It's just aspirin that needs to be avoided. :)


I was told by my doctor that the Ibuprofen interferes with the Prostaglandins (spelling?), therefore it slows down the bleeding. I have started doing this A LOT, and it really helps, I usually take 4 pills. Oh, Aleve has been over the counter for a LONG time, it contains Naproxen, I personally get sick if I take it for some reason. And Asprin and Ibuprofen are NOT the same thing if thats what you are saying. I cant take Asprin but I can take Ibuprofen.


Oh, I had to add, I am hoping that I will see the last of my Ibuprofen popping days! I am having an endometrial ablation in 3 weeks! So, if you have extremely heavy bleeding and you are done having babies, I would look into this procedure, my mom had it as well as my sister and neither one have periods AT ALL anymore!


I think this depends on your body chemistry. I have taken high doses of ibuprofen to stop my period and it works everytime that same day where as birth control takes 1 to 3 days to stop it for me even if i take double pills. also drinking heavily stops my period temporarily. Both are consider to have 'blood thinning properties' however it does the opposite for me and for several other women as well. Tylenol has no effect on me whether i use it for a headache or cramps its like eating candy even extra strength Tylenol. So this depends on ur body I'm assuming because i was told the opposite of what this person is sayin


Thats definatley the wrong info! You SHOULD take ibuprofen when you want to reduce your flow. I have done this for years and it does really work. Where in the world did this person get the info to stay away from it???


I need some help. I have tried taking Ibuprofen to stop my period and it hasn't worked. What else can I use? Feel free to email me @

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