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This works for me but it hurts a lot.

Take a hot shower. Let the hot water pound on your back for a while. I am not sure exactly how long i do mine, just untill i cant stand it. BEFORE YOU DO THIS I WARN YOU IT HURTS ALOT!!!!!!

If you dont want to trt, aloe always works too.

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Not a good plan.


This just sounds crazy, why would you do that.


That sounds like a terrible idea. It doesn't make sense at all.


This is actually the worst thing you can do for a sunburn.


It works.for me dude I feel ya its def not for the weak pain tolernce tho


Coldness holds the heat in and the burn will get hot again soon. with warm to hot water it draws the heat out. i get sunburnt multipal times a year. spf 80 sunblock dont even really work on me. after the warm or hot shower u gotta remember just to keep it moisterized.


I burnt bad with blisters. I read lots of posts that recommended the hot shower. It made sense since heat opens pores and everything else tried and failed. I slowly made it hotter after the sting went away each time. Not for the weak at heart. blot dry... I then tried mustard, vinigar and aloe on my skin. First 2 still sting and made the skin tight but did give some relief. However, aloe finally relief!


This worked great for me. It hurts like crazy at first, but it works like a charm every time. Worked for my husband and friends too. You just can't be a wuss and have to be able to tolerate the pain. If you're weak and a cry baby, then don't try it.


This treatment is probably the most unholy thing i have ever felt second to having an open wound forcefully inflicted (i.e. being shot or stabbed.)one must be nearly mildly addicted to pain to withstand this.

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