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Patti B.

Make a tea of 1 gal. of water and as many cigarette butts as you can find (the more, the better)...let it steep for a couple of days then pour into a pressure sprayer container (strain out the butts). Spray on any plants that are in need of insect control...kills many bugs and repels the rest...won't harm your plants.

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Nicotine tea is great for enclosed areas such as pots and/or houseplants to kill bugs, but it is DEADLY in the garden as it kills all the beneficial things such as worms etc. as well.
It is also deadly for toads etc. who feed on the bugs. This tea should be used very selectively.


Substitute the cigarette butts for a can of regular chewing tobacco, made with boiling water and let cool, spray it around the cracks and foundation outside your house and you'll never have a spider inside again.

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