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Patti B.

My two year old son stayed way too long in the kiddie pool (my fault) and ended up with a terrible sunburn, actually blisters on his shoulders and back. We tried Unguentine, aloe vera and various topical pain killing ointments...nothing worked, two hours later he was still screaming. An older man at my husband's workplace told us to use 'Pet' brand evaporated milk...just pour it on the burned area straight from the can...IT WORKED!! Our son stopped crying immediately and fell asleep soon after. The milk formed a 'skin' over the burn, which we washed off in a cool bath the next morning. We then treated with aloe vera gel with great success.

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sunscreen before hand would have solved that trauma for you and especially your son!! it is beyond me why people seem to think that water or beong in a pool is protective sun protection!


That isn't very nice


does it have to be 'pet' brand or can it be any brand because I have a different brand and was wondering if I could use that... And to the person that put use sun screen before hand.. We did.. My whole family my son my husband mt little brother and myself and we still got really sun burn.


To the first comment:

I think that this parent came to share his experience to this site to help others. To advise what to do in case it is too late already for the sunblock.
Why do not you leave your comment to yourself and go and apply some sun creams on? I am sure your advice is not appreciated and everyone learns from their own mistakes and know what to do next time.
Thank you.

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