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So for about 5 days I've been suffering from one of the worst boils I've ever had. Normally they're tender and it hurts to put too much pressure on them, but this little devil was throbbing constantly. Pain meds wouldn't help and I could barely walk, sit or sleep. Not to mention it was in one of the worst spots (on my panty line between my vagina and bottom). I had been doing the normal stuff: hot damp washcloth, peroxide, bandaids. I didn't have any fancy creams or anything. So yesterday I decided to take an oatmeal bath (hot water for the boil, oatmeal for my eczema) it helped it feel a little better, but it wasn't coming to a head. Then last night the pain woke me up and I was crying it hurt so bad. I put a bandaids with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin anti itch cream on it and pulled it tight so it wouldn't hurt as bad when I rolled over. This morning I couldn't walk the pain was so unbearable. So I called my mom and asked her to pick up some medicine for it. I didn't want to wait for her to get back so I took some ibuprofen and sat in a very hot bath with 1 cup of Epsom salts in it. After about an hour I got out and dried off. When I went to put another peroxide bandaids on it, it had started to release and now the pain is almost gone. Yay! A cheap and simple home remedy if you don't have any fancy boil creams at home.

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My daughter had a very large one forming on the top of her butt and I found that putting a wet dandelion tea bag on it overnight had it coming to a head seems like instantly...I also had her drinking the tea every other day.

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