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This works!!!! I am a jiu-jitsu fighter and ringworm is common... We dont even worry about it..why? Garlic.

Items. Minced Garlic. Big Bandaids. Apple Cidar Vinegar

1- Take warm shower and gently clean area. I also like to gently shave around the area.

2- Dry area. Can use Blow Dryer as to not rub area.

3- Put minced galic on Bandaid. Put it on thick so you cant see the pad. Put on infected area. Completely cover area.

4- I like to wrap it in an Ace bandage. Leave on for 4-6 hours... ( IT Will Burn !!!!) suck it up.

Warning if on face neck or sensitive area be careful and do less time.

5- repeat 3 days.. it should be dry and crusty. Looks red but not swollen.

6- After 3rd day it will be DEAD!!! Now use Apple Cider Vinegar for the next 2 weeks... 2xs per day or more..

This should do it... Again this is an Aggresive fix.. It will burn as it is dying...

I say KILL it off you Fast...

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I understand where you are coming from. I am a wrestler, once you have ring worm the first thing you want to do is get rid of as fast as you can to get back on the mat and compete. I typically have just gone with a over the counter anti fungal cream, apply and wrap in a bandage. That takes to long though and still itches like crazy! I just came across a oil (Dermariche- ). So far it has been great no itching and it's clearing up.


yep, defintly burns, ha


I tried this and it looks like it killed the ringworm quick; however, like many others, i am suffering from chemical burns. Three hours of having minced garlic under plastic wrap against my skin resulted in the area being swollen 3mm outward which then turned purple the next day. It looks a lot worse but looks like the fungus is gone. Perhaps a much shorter treatment duration would have been better. I'm pretty sure it will be a couple weeks of nursing the chemical burn before things go back to normal...


Garlic works, vinegar works for some, but I don't think they're meant to be used together.
I tried vinegar and it burnt my skin. Garlic alone burnt like hell but it didn't seem to cause so much damage.
I only left them for about 20 minutes each and it was enough to see it was a bad idea.
What some do recommend is using 'garlic juice' (minced, boiled) for several weeks, but not the direct fresh garlic.


I have suffered with ringworm for 4 years now on and off. Prescriptions killed them off for couple months but they find their way to come back. I change out bed sheets and towels every day. Recently I decide to get rid of it the natural way. Right now I am using apple cider vinegar for 10 days, it killed the 2-3 small spots but the bigger spots are getting worst. So now is put raw garlic juice on it mixed with garlic powder and turmeric. 3 times/day, and raw garlic on the big spot for 30 mins a day. I see some small improvements.
Hopefully garlic will work for good.


I have tried the garlic and it BURNSSS like hell so I tried using a fan to cool it down it kind of worked but then I started using an ice pack it works at first it will help then it will burn and take it off for a few seconds but after a good 20-30 min there's no burning.


im burning like hell right now. placed garlic slices on top of the affected area and now it has a big bubble. is that normal?


I would be careful applying garlic for over 2 hours.

I've read that it can be painful and possibly dangerous to your skin's health.


If you develop blisters use honey to sooth and disinfect. It's also an anti fungle so it only helps.


I put garlic on my baby ringworm now its a big blister what do i need to do.

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