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This works!!!! I am a jiu-jitsu fighter and ringworm is common... We dont even worry about it..why? Garlic.

Items. Minced Garlic. Big Bandaids. Apple Cidar Vinegar

1- Take warm shower and gently clean area. I also like to gently shave around the area.

2- Dry area. Can use Blow Dryer as to not rub area.

3- Put minced galic on Bandaid. Put it on thick so you cant see the pad. Put on infected area. Completely cover area.

4- I like to wrap it in an Ace bandage. Leave on for 4-6 hours... ( IT Will Burn !!!!) suck it up.

Warning if on face neck or sensitive area be careful and do less time.

5- repeat 3 days.. it should be dry and crusty. Looks red but not swollen.

6- After 3rd day it will be DEAD!!! Now use Apple Cider Vinegar for the next 2 weeks... 2xs per day or more..

This should do it... Again this is an Aggresive fix.. It will burn as it is dying...

I say KILL it off you Fast...

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Yes. I do bjj too. I will try this. Thank you.


Did I catch from you ?


You do know ring worm isn't an actual worm right? Fungal infection.


I tried the garlic on my inner calf and it burned my skin! Ouch!!! It turned into a huge blister and looks way worse than my small ringworm that I had before. Wish I never did the garlic. I did it for 12 hours so maybe that is why? Maybe just put some garlic on it for a short time a few times a day would have been better. Now I am nursing a very bad burn :(


I just applied garlic paste on the spots two hours ago hope it works. Yes it is burning...


Jt - u r right. I applied it on 8 spots last night i cant sleep cos it burned like hell i just sucked it up as i am desperate to get rid of the spots asap. After 10hrs, the spots stopped itching but now the spots blackened and bubbled. One spot's skin peeled off exposing raw skin. Yes it look worse than before. At least it stopped itching..


I just tried this treatment on a bean sized ringworm on my arm and 4 hours into the garlic treatment it was burning so much to touch I decided to take a look. My skin was literally burnt. The area is now swollen and has turned a bruised prune-ish color as if I've gotten a chemical burn in that area. However the ringworm is still visibly there and though it doesn't itch now it does burn even now that the garlic is off.
I know I'm not allergic to garlic or anything for that matter, so I'm wondering how it worked for you?
What could be wrong?
Does the fact that I've gotten burnt mean It'll die gradually or what?
In-fact has anyone been successful with this intense treatment?
Pleas let me know because I work with kids and I need this to go away fast.


Maybe it worked for others but it doesnt for me. As a result of trying this, my arms and legs are scarred for life from chemical burn of the crushed garlic. I am now using Nizoral anti-fungal shampoo once a day and applying Microban anti-fungal cream twice a day to other far it had kept the itch away and the spots are drying out too.


Hello everyone. My family is from down South. So home remedies are very common. For ringworm, we use a cotton swab and bleach. Take swab and dip in Clorox bleach. Swab area around fungus and fungus. In a few hours u should notice the area changing to a scab. Overnight it will darken....that's part of the healing process. This method is guaranteed to work. Try this for for three days and be sure to keep the area dry. Good luck!


Loved this!!! Has helped me a ton!!!

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