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So I hope that some of these remedies help with your toothache but the truth of the matter is that the infection isn't going to be 'cleared up' by some at home remedy. Its going to continue to hurt until the nerve dies. Even an infectedinfection tooth treated with an antibiotic WILL START HURTING AGAIN!!! It might take three months, or it may not be for three years but it will start hurting again. The infection will come back. The only way to guarantee that the infection does not come back is to have the tooth taken out. Even a tooth with a root canal can become reinfected and require a retreat. So please use these home remedies with caution. Letting the infection fester can cause a lot of harm. Though its rare, the infection could go straight to your brain and be fatal.

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To add to your comments, which I totally agree with, constant infection results in jaw bone loss...which effects the teeth around the infected teeth or tooth. I finally had my uppers pulled after years of infection. My blood pressure went down, my pre diabetic condition resolved and I love my new upper denture that is awesome!

Derek N.

Guys and gals he is not lying when he says go to the brain and be fatal. I've truthfully on my sisters grave had this happen. It wasn't due to me teeth but abscess is nothing to play with. I had brain surgery in Pittsburg while in college. Came home a week later after getting out of the hospital and had the same damn surgery again in Memphis because Pittsburg didn't put a drain tube in my head to let the infection drain. They said it was all from an abscess. My brain was swelling and I was having tremendous headaches out of this world. So please people take his/her advice and be extremely cautious about it. It's no fun laying in a hospital twice for a week an a half at a time for something like this. True story and I mean it.

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