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I have anger problems quite a bit. The thing that works best for me is to just go in a quiet area with a writing untensil and a peice of paper (or notebook) and write down everything that is making you angry. Eventually this hightens your anger to the climax then keep writing to get it all out then you will feel yourself start to calm down and sometimes crying after the climax works well too. I don't care what anyone says but crying is ok. I will usually leave the notebook open next to my bed for when I wake up in the morning and read it to see how rediculous I was and just laugh about it. Laughing does a body good. I'm not saying this will work with everyone but maybe someone will be like me and it will help them out. Good luck!

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To the lady with anger problem.Yes writting things down does help,with a whole lot of praying to.Just know this you are a great person and you mean the world to someone. So keep smiling keep your head up,kill them with kindness.
God Bless.

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