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I was writhing in the most intense pain of my life! And I've given birth WITHOUT an epidural! I used 'earache drops' which I think made the pressure worse, tylenol and even an Ativan! Then finally I heated a moist washcloth in the microwave until it was scalding! Laid on the couch, infected ear down on the hot washcloth and after maybe 15 minutes I felt and heard a pop then crackling and felt hot liquid running from my ear onto the cloth. I got queesy for a minute but the relief was INSTANT! It's still a, little achey but the pressure is GONE and it continues to run. Now I can go to sleep and let
the antibiotic finish the job in peace! I hope this helps someone! That pain was TORTURE.

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The cracking noise and the relief of pressure was from your ear drum rupturing. It has happened to me quite a few times.


Ativan is not for pain so it's not suprising that it didn't work.


Yeah, the pop was your eardrum rupturing. It's not a big deal but you should consult a physician. I have personally had this happen several times, and just as you said a pop following intense pain/pressure and then relief. If you ear is bleeding or giving out puss get to a doctor quick you don't want an infection to set in.


I tried that, but the washcloth almost burnt my ear!:/


This works like a miracle thanks for sharing

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