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This works really well,
Firstly gargle whatever mouth wash you have,
After make a honey & peper drink
1 TBS Honey
2 TSP Peper
250ml Hot water

combine water, honey then peper.
drink slowly
Hope this helps u 2 it really helped me

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what is a peper? Is this supposed to be pepper?


Yes, it probably IS meant to be pepper. PLEASE work! I've tried every single remedy I've found online and I hope this one will FINALLy work!


Doesn't work. I'm sitting here crossing my fingers that it would. Still in much pain :(


Which pepper are we to use? Coz I have cayenne, black and white pepper.

HELP Ive got a play and a sore throat

I only have the dental kind of mouthwash do you think it will help? Cause I've got a play tonight so I NEED it to work!


You might be right about the pepper. I once had a sore throat. I ate a hot link sandwich, took a nap and when I woke up my sore throat was gone. I swear.


hot link sandwich... damn that sounds good.

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