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Jenevie Parkston

Hey everyone!
I'm 13 and have had stretchmarks since i was about 9 (due to growth spurt)
anyway, overthe years theyve gotten thick dark and ugly, and theyve spread to my legs, a little on my arm and my chest :( anyway ive been reading ur alls home remedies and I've decided to make my own, so here it is
* sugar (for exfoliating)
* olive oil (moisterization)
* a wee bit of lemon juice (natural bleacher)
* vicks vapor rub (apparently alot of you LOVE this stuff so...yea!)
* loofa
Okay so I get that on my problamatic areas. also i'll warn u: if you dont stay hydrated and eat healthy,DONT EXPECT GOOD RESULTS on anything!
OH OH && one other thing Ive been doing is a secret but i'll tell u guys!!
aiight, aiight! I know this may not be the most pleasant tastingthing, but try this! Most of u have heard or Dr. Oz right!?! okay go on his website (
there is this one smoothie he has on there for radiant skin, but it helps ur nail and stretchmarks too!!!!
idk wat its called but its green, so check it out!
I make a lot and drink a cup a day
this tastes aiight, but I SWEAR it is worth it to drink!!!!!!
Let me know what u guys think,
Im always on this site so ill reply soon!
and i hope some of u get into a bikini this summer!!! :DD

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I have been trying to get rid of my stetch marks for the most longest time due to gain weight i read this last night and your ingredients with the lemon juice, sugar ect... worked!!! i mixed it all up into a little cup then spread it onto my fingers and started rubbing aganist my stretch marks with it i saw results that night which was awesome cause now my dark ones are gettin lighter.


OMG. I thought I was the only one haha :$ follow me up on twitter and message mee asap! I need to talk to you about this!!!

@Nandos_D or facebook- Anand Dhaliwal

Byeee :)


how much of each stuff do u need ?? xx


are there any measurements you have to go by for this remedy or do you just mix as much as you want??


wat is your facebook name?


It really worked for me! thanks little girl!


Do not try if you have sinsitive skin , I got a rash after trying it !


Seriously wats d vapor tin? Cud u xplain more..I recently jus turned 20 nd hav neva had stretch I got fat a while ago frm takin Periactn and dexacortin nd I tink d strech marks( which r new) came up cos of my weight gain..hoila me on face buk..Harriet Omoweh..nid to kno nd treat dis rite away..


Do you just mix everything together?? Then rub it on?


Does this really work ? If u mixed the things 2 getha do u just aply and rub with loofa?:)

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