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I say this: 'Jesus, you took this on the cross, I do not have to have it. By your stripes I am healed.Thank you, Lord.
Give me the peace that passes all understanding'. The word is light and light overcomes darkness always.
God's thoughts overcome your thoughts. Think on His words to us. 'I will never forsake you or leave you' I am a present help in time of trouble. Say these scriptures out loud
.Also, Breathing into a paper bag to slow down breathing..seems to help a lot. you need iron, (Eat beets and dates) also and B vitamins. Calming supplements like magnesium are essential.

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christian friend.

Amen. I am fighting withthe word everyday....I feel strong knowing another christian has said and posted what you did!!! God Bless you and heal you and me from this awful situation!

Dr. Bloom

God's Word is a POWERFUL remedy. The more you believe what you're saying the more potent it is. I actually imagine what I'm saying (or reading) as taking place NOW. And i must tell you-first hand experience- I feel tangible relief, like something shifts in my brain and my body relaxes.

I've felt that massive PEACE and great calmness just from spending 15mins speaking and feeling God's Words.


You people are retarded...

Louise Petrova

Wow ! That was really uplifting :) I am living with severe depression, anxiety, epilepsy seizures brought on by stress, and some kind of personally disorder.
Your precious words were like reading a poem. Like foot steps.
I forget that I don't have to bare my burdens. Jesus gave his life for us. It's hard to let of guilt. To give my crap to Jesus so wonderful feels so horrible, even tho we're supposed to. Thank you for the loving reminder. Your words were truly heart warming.


I agree, you people are retarded.

Magan Flores

To the people who are saying that the word of the Lord is retarded, may God be with you not only that for even using a word like that. I face anxiety and am learning how to deal with it, but 'In the name of Jesus I am healed!' I keep telling myself everyday that life is going to get better if I trust in the Lord and abide by him. Anyone who faces anxiety let the Lord be with you!


why call us retarded we are just trying to better are self, this anxiety/panic attacks is torture, it drives me insane everyday an everyday i wish i was normal


thanks for the post pete, it really helped me calm down


This is exactly what I needed.


Agreed. Without Jesus we cannot overcome the enemy. Jesus died on the cross to free us from the burdens that are around us today. I know with his help, I can overcome my temper and my anxiety as well. God bless and peace be with you all.

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