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Donnie D

After battling for months using every product on the market I could find, and a bunch of the methods I found here did not complete the job. I was so frustrated having to deal with this every day, and washing my hair with harsh products twice a day was leading no where, and really hurting my head. A friend of mine asked me if I had used Calamine Lotion at all, and I said I didn't, but decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, finally after only a couple of day using Calamine Lotion I was winning the war, and knew I was headed to the end of that nasty road. My god these things are tough to get rid of, and ended up costing me hundreds of dollars washing clothes, linen, hair products, upholstery cleaners, and things like that.

Anyway, here's how I did it... Where ever I felt anything or something from the bugs, or had open sores from them, I applied Calamine Lotion to that area, and its surrounding areas. I coated my entire scalp with the lotion, and left on over night to make sure it was all dry. The following morning I washed my hair with Palmolive Dish Soap and repeated. Second day I continued to apply Calamine Lotion whenever I felt any tingling, or itching sensations to that area, and its surroundings. By the third day I was completely free from the bugs, and no longer felt tingling or itchy sensations. I'm so glad my friend sparked that idea to use Calamine Lotion. What it does is dry up everything, so therefore cutting off the bugs food and water supply, and possibly their air supply too! In conclusion, Calamine Lotion kills them dead, and works like a charm whether you comb your hair of the bugs or not, just apply Calamine lotion to any feelings or sensations of itchiness, and you will win the war.

I had a severe case of them because anything I used didn't work, and it got so bad they were latching on to my body all over the place. It is an absolutely disgusting bug, and Calamine Lotion is the easiest, and most gentle way to get real relief. Aaaah, finally the war is over, it's not raining bugs any more! I know what to use if I ever catch them again, and will save a ton of money.

Try it, you will not regret it, and you will be so relieved. I am!

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Ahhhh;I'm deperate too try anything &ndd EVERYTHING.! Did you cover all your hair with it or juss youur scalp.? &ndd when you say repeat after washing with the dish soap did you mean you washed again with the dish soap &ndd then in thee nighht youu did it again.? How long have you been free of the bugs.?


I too have tried everything, from otc to poison lindane cream then back to nix then I tried vasaline, liserine, cetaphil cream, vinegar -NOTHING WORKED. Not even the poison Lindane from the dr office. I am amazed! these things are as hard to kill as bed bugs and you know that is impossible pretty much. So my next try is calamine lotion soak my hair in it blow dry hot as hell till it is hard leave it overnight wash it out in morning. see what happens. It dries my skin so much that I figure if it touches live lice at least it will suffocate them. I hope this works. I have a lot of hair and it is so tough to comb through and I never catch those little bitty bastards anyway, all I am doing is ruining my hair with split ends and broken hair. My only other option would be to spend like a fortune on going to a lice place that supposedly combs them out for you eggs and lice. but you have to keep going back and paying each time. The possibility of reinfestation is so high, I mean truly it is impossible no matter how much you clean and launder to get them all. So I hope this calamine works a bit I have so many dam bites it hurts to comb or touch my head. I am so done. I want to shave my head.

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