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Pink Azelia

I just had a lower molar removed today & after my experience last year with dry socket (suffered for 3 weeks before checking this site out), I am stocked up on clove oil. Sanitize a pair of tweezers to get out any food particles & gently rinse with warm sea salt water.I mixed about half a shot glass of olive oil w/20 drops of clove oil to make the taste more mild and apply to socket with a Q-tip. Works wonders!! All I can do now is wait 2-5 days and hope it spares me this time!! Also try to avoid dairy..

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Why avoid Dairy?? I can barely eat anything cause the pain in so bad.. Drinkable yogurt has been my main nutritional intake.


Exactly what I wanted to ask. I've just stocked up on yoghurt and milk. I asked my dentist about the yoghurt and she 'OK-ed' it. Didn't ask her about what to drink and/ or about milk. I thought that it would be soothing, mild.

Also, did you get dry socket again?

Suzanne Butler

I had 3 molars removed, 1 got dry socket, along with clove oil you can add pure peppermint oil and it works even better plus the peppermint oil disinfects the wound, you can only get food grade pure peppermint oil at a health food store for about $10, along with clove it is equally a miracle cure for all tooth problems, regarding pain killers, only ibuprofen does anything for me regarding teeth, hope that saves someone else from horrible pain, there is nothing worse than tooth pain. Peace and healing


I am 50. I had all 4 wisdom extracted on 7-9. It is 7-14 and I am in agony. I must have dry socket in all 4 holes. The pain was getting better till 9pm last night. I have had 3 molars removed prior and got the dry socket all 3 times. Of course my DDS is not open on Sat. I will try the clove oil. Thanks a million.

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