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I have 2 havanese and their poor adorable faces were marred by tear stains. I read several forums about it and tried a few. The best I found was also the cheapest. The guys’ water is in a container that gives fresh water as they drink. The reservoir holds about 2 quarts. Each time I fill it up, I add 3 caps-full of white vinegar to the water. The tear stains are gone! The little bit of vinegar changes their ph just enough to prevent the rust from growing in the eye secretion. You can adjust the amount of vinegar to your dog’s tolerance. This works in a few days but may not remove the old stains. For that, mix corn start and equal parts plain Milk of Mag and peroxide to form a paste. Spread the paste on the stain, being careful to not get any in the eyes, and leave on until it dries, then wipe off. The peroxide bleaches the stain while the MOM kills the yeast that causes it. If you don’t do the vinegar too, you will have to do the paste on a daily basis. If you do the vinegar, you will only need to do the paste a few days…

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I have bought a pet for the first time in my house so, If he has any problem I don't have any idea of home remedies what to give him for the solution. Every time I used to take him to the doctor for the treatment. I was not knowing that the pets can also be get well through home remedies.I was feeling glad reading your post.

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