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I tried Pet Armor...less than a week later, my 2 havanese & 1 Jack Russell were digging at fleas again. So I spent the money for Frontline Plus. Within days, you guessed it! My littlest Havanese has chewed so much that he has sores on his bald leg! (Havs are long haired, for those who don't know.) I went to the local pet store and they had no other ideas as they normally recommend the Frontline Plus. So I returned home thinking about what some people have told me and other things I knew. A friend mentioned vinegar, and I know fleas can't stand salt. I dumped about an inch of salt into the bottle of a spray bottle then filled it half-way with white vinegar & the rest the way with water and shook it up. I saturated the dogs with the mixture, making sure to get all the way to the skin. I left it on several minutes, until it was almost dry. Next I bathed my guys in dish soap-lots of dish soap. After I rinsed them, I put conditioner on them because 'pickling' them was very drying on their hair & skin. I saw tons of fleas in the water, & I just checked and though they still have a few fleas, the blood suckers are moving very slow...In a few days, I will do it all over again, but I think I will add lemon juice to the mixture as I hear fleas hate citrus too. Hopefully, getting rid of the live ones will allow the Frontline to control any new ones...Btw, adding vinegar to their water doesn’t help control fleas…I have been doing that flor several months, as it does get rid of tear stains-it changes the ph…

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Remember with Frontline the you have to wait 24 hours after bathing your dog to apply frontline plus thats one of the mistakes people make with frontline. they bathe their dog and immediately apply frontline.


Do you think this mixture would work on a spray bottle to spray mattresses and couches?

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