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I have tried over and over to rid my nails of this ugly fungus. It wasn't until my my good friend saw my nails and offered a simple cure that has cleared the problem totally.

Table salt and olive oil yes right from your kitchen. Mix the two ingredients til olive oil is consumed by the salt. Dab a little on each infected nail twice a day and let the healing begin.

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can it be olive oil


Are we talking toe nails or hand nails, or is it the the same? I plan to try salt and olive oil in one hand nail.
Thank you


is it equal amounts of each?


How long should you leave the mixture on the nails?


1. What parts of each should be used?

2. How long should it left on the fingernail?

3. Your response is appreciated, I need to get it off (out from under) my thumbnail, thanks.

I've never had this ever before (and I'm 78 y.o.), and have no idea where it came from.

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