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Ashley young

My remedy is bathing the dog in dawn like my mother does or aveda shampur it is cheap and all natural. And what evers in it the flees dont like it. Then rub tea tree oil on the dog. I usually go back three or four times. But the tea tree oil seems to kill them in contact. I got this remedy from my techer, who swore by it. And it had me at ' all the flees are dead' I assume as long as the dog smells like tea tree oil the flees what nothing to do with him

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Tea Tree Oil is EXTREMELY toxic to animals. I learned this the hard way. About 5 years ago my daughters had gotten lice and it worked wonders for them. However, I put it on my 2 cats (22 pounder and a 5 pounder). My Gertie (5 pounder) died as a result. It soaks in their skin and starts shutting down their liver. Some pet products even have tea tree oil in them, so double check. It was very sad and I have felt guilty ever since.

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