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I have been using tea tree oil my life saver I would recommend it to everyone you can buy it at just about any store near the pharmacy I cant live with out it

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Agreed!! To prevent recurring boils, I've used tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic. Careful, though, it's strong and can lightly burn thin skin, e.g., around the upper buttocks crack. Moisturize/apply aloe lightly just after light tea tree oil application to avoid burning. Seriously. It's worked *without fail* for months for me to PREVENT them. Such a relief to a halting problem.


Tea Tree Oil is the best!! I mentioned it to my old dermatologist and she said you don't want to put anything on your skin with oil in it. She knew what is was but she wouldn't get a kick back from the pharmaceutical companies when someone uses over the counter vs prescription meds. I knew using tea tree oil was the only way to go!


Do NOT ever apply essential oils directly to the skin. It can and usually will burn you. They need to be mixed with a small amount of a carrier oil-almond, grapeseed, Sunflower, or even olive oil. I've had a few recurring boils that refuse to budge and am going to try the Vicks/tea tree as soon as I remember where I put it lol

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