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did you know that if you leave rubbing alcohol in your ear it will completely clean your ear out and your ear wont ache anymore this is my total fav remedy!!!

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Not really when you put rubbing alcohol it stays in and make bigger infection. If it doesn't COME OUT.


I have always been extremely couscous about my ears and especially that Nasty ear wax. So I do clean my ears out with alcohol on a daily basis. But for some reason within the past 7 months i have been getting horrible infections. I don't know what to do because I haven't had these as a child and I'm now 31. So I'm questioning the alcohol cleaning now...I literally think I'm going crazy over this. Anyone have any suggestions please help. This crap hurts and in both ears.


Ear wax is designed to actually block bacteria and germs from entering your ear. When you clean your ear, you should not try to remove the ear wax down in the canal, but rather just the wax that is visible that is working it's way out of the ear already. Removing all the wax with alcohol like that has made your ears vulnerable and taken away it's ability to naturally protect itself. From now on, just clean the outer ear lobes. Hope this helps. PS. this is not the same as for someone who as excessive ear wax that builds up and blocks their hearing. but advice for a person with normal wax production.

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