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It sounds crazy but a guy I work with told me that all three of his girls had colic and a midwife told him and his wife to put a little bit of grape jelly on the babys pacifier. sounds to good to be true but we tried it and it worked seemed a lot more simply to me than concocting some tea.

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now a happy meme

I thought, the grape jelly sounded alittle crazy but i was willing to give it a try. I put grape jelly on his twice, and he's finally went sound to sleep, I just cant wait to tell my friends about this one. Thank you very much now maybe i can get much needed sleep too.

David harper

It's 5 am and I have had no sleep because my 11 month old daughter has been up all night (apparently with gas) and I just gave her some grape jelly.... Thank you sir and goodnight


I too am also up at 5 a.m. and in fact most of the morning. I'm so glad I googled home remedies and saw your comment. Worked like a charm! Thank You!


I'm havin the worst trouble with my 7wker with his colic, it has stretched out into the day as well as the nite and drivin me up the wall, as well as havin a 2yr old runnin around.... Are you talking about the grape jelly you have to make up with hot water?


I have a 7wk old baby who is up every night till 8am crying. I have tried oval drops , gripe water. nothing has worked.I used grape jam.she calmed down right away and tried to go to sleep but cries when the soother comes out her mouth. so far its working. thank you


Are u guys talking bout just grape jelly from the shop that u put boiling water with??


Yes!!!! It works wonders on my five week old that has been colliiccy for two days now she is finally asleep!!!


Do u just put the jelly on the pacifier straight out the jar?


Absolutely amazing!! Thank you!!


The grape jelly may be a temporary fix. However, if it continues I would speak to a pediatrician as too much sugar intake can cause other problems. If it continues there may be another underlying issue such as dairy intolerance.

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