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I too am a long term eczema sufferer. After spending my entire childhood back and forth to Drs, who time after time prescribed whatever steriod cream I hadnt already had been given. Sure it would help.....for a short time and then within a few days it would come back and often worse. Even after steriod injections didnt help It became common to hear 'she'll grow out of it'.
YEAH RIGHT! As I got older it got worse! As an adult, sick of hiding my skin, feeling itchy sore and uncomfortable I sought the help of a herbalist who made me realise I needed to tackle the problem from the inside more so than than the outside.
Over the years it has definarely been a case of trial and error regarding food/nutrition, supplements, finding triggers and most importantly finding what wrks for you as everyone is different.
Here's what helped me!

No dairy products - I used rice milk instead
Little or no bread - i used mountain wraps
Lots of water - helpful to add lemon
Lots of fresh fruits and veges - limit proccesses foods and sugars.
Herbal supplements........
First I was put on a liverdetox which was specially made by the herbalist - this helped clear all the toxins, to start with a clean canvas ifu like :-)
I took barly grass supplements which helped to alkalise my body/blood, flax seed oil and fish ils to moisturise me from the inside, probiotics to help balance the good bacteria and zinc tablets for healing. I was overwhelmed by ALL the things I had to take not to mention the expense but I was willing to give anything a go at this point! In a little over a month my eczema had gone! It was soo amazing to experience clear smooth skin after years of suffering with this horrible disease. Over time I found I could start consuming dairy in moderation. Although this was expensive I found that I could reduce my supplements to only the omega's and barley grass to keep it away. Herbal stores also have creams made from certain plants/herbs especially for eczema which I used initially to smooth and calm my skin althoughmost find it beneficial I found beeswax and prducts containi g it reacted to my skin.

My dilema now is that my beautiful daughter has started showig signs of eczema at age 1. I hoped she bypassed the disease as did my 2 out of my other 3 children, as she has had the mot beautiful skin prior to her first birthday. This is when I stopped breasfeeding and using dairy and toddler milk formula. I am currently researching what is safe to use on her skin and what supplements she may be able to have at a young age as I do not want her to have steroid creams.

Sorry forthe long novel, hope someone that suffers from this terrible skin disorder may find some helpful information and if anyone has any tips regarding toddlers witheczema and useful natural remedies I would appreciate greatly. Thanx

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A Healthier You

Remove all dairy from your child's diet (she doesn't need it; check out the book Whitewash by Joseph Keon), and see if her eczema improves/disappears. Dairy is a leading cause of all skin irritations as well as many other illnesses. Even if you disagree that you don't need dairy, you owe it to your child to see if she's better without it. (My family has been without dairy for a year now, and my kids, 4 and 2.5 years old, are thriving.)


My husband has stress induced eczema. I was looking at amber teething necklaces for my youngest and found a hazelwood/amber necklace that supposedly helps with eczema. I am part of cloth diapering group that does a lot of natural remedies and there are several ladies that SWEAR by this. Seems like it's worth a try to me!


I put my son onto goats formula when he was 9 months old because it is the most similar to human tastes better than goats milk also and is much easier to digest. Use probiotics. All doctors recommend a probiotic for and allergies.

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