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I too am a long term eczema sufferer. After spending my entire childhood back and forth to Drs, who time after time prescribed whatever steriod cream I hadnt already had been given. Sure it would help.....for a short time and then within a few days it would come back and often worse. Even after steriod injections didnt help It became common to hear 'she'll grow out of it'.
YEAH RIGHT! As I got older it got worse! As an adult, sick of hiding my skin, feeling itchy sore and uncomfortable I sought the help of a herbalist who made me realise I needed to tackle the problem from the inside more so than than the outside.
Over the years it has definarely been a case of trial and error regarding food/nutrition, supplements, finding triggers and most importantly finding what wrks for you as everyone is different.
Here's what helped me!

No dairy products - I used rice milk instead
Little or no bread - i used mountain wraps
Lots of water - helpful to add lemon
Lots of fresh fruits and veges - limit proccesses foods and sugars.
Herbal supplements........
First I was put on a liverdetox which was specially made by the herbalist - this helped clear all the toxins, to start with a clean canvas ifu like :-)
I took barly grass supplements which helped to alkalise my body/blood, flax seed oil and fish ils to moisturise me from the inside, probiotics to help balance the good bacteria and zinc tablets for healing. I was overwhelmed by ALL the things I had to take not to mention the expense but I was willing to give anything a go at this point! In a little over a month my eczema had gone! It was soo amazing to experience clear smooth skin after years of suffering with this horrible disease. Over time I found I could start consuming dairy in moderation. Although this was expensive I found that I could reduce my supplements to only the omega's and barley grass to keep it away. Herbal stores also have creams made from certain plants/herbs especially for eczema which I used initially to smooth and calm my skin althoughmost find it beneficial I found beeswax and prducts containi g it reacted to my skin.

My dilema now is that my beautiful daughter has started showig signs of eczema at age 1. I hoped she bypassed the disease as did my 2 out of my other 3 children, as she has had the mot beautiful skin prior to her first birthday. This is when I stopped breasfeeding and using dairy and toddler milk formula. I am currently researching what is safe to use on her skin and what supplements she may be able to have at a young age as I do not want her to have steroid creams.

Sorry forthe long novel, hope someone that suffers from this terrible skin disorder may find some helpful information and if anyone has any tips regarding toddlers witheczema and useful natural remedies I would appreciate greatly. Thanx

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Great post! My name is Grace, I posted about juicing and wet wraps. My toddler has eczema too and we are starting to work with a naturopath today. We should share our journey with each other so we can help our kiddos and maybe save some $$ on the expense advice the doc gives!


hi my name is tyesha and I have two children who suffer from eczema. Shea butter works on my 4 yr old but not my 1 year old. I am forced to use steroids until I can find a natural remedy that works for her. I've tried shea butter, coconut oil, oatmeal baths. The one thing that worked is to cut citrus from her diet. Please keep me posted if you find something that works. Also I am giving her more water and less milk. thanks


May I suggest taking your child off dairy products and adding coconut oil to her diet? It has more in common with human breast-milk than with other dietary fats.
There's plenty more information on The Coconut Research Center website.


Hi, my name is Lynda and I was just recently diagnosed with eczema - as well as a rubber allergy, so I've been doing a lot of scrambling trying to find stuff I can use. I recently tried Monkey Balm, which is an all natural balm in a stick - which, was, apparently formulated specifically for children. I have really found it soothing and wouldn't hesitate to use it on my daughter if she ever shows signs of irritation. I just did a search and found it online. The name is Monkey Balm. Good luck with everything!


I've suffered with eczema for 18 years and I was constantly lathered in steroid creams and told that I would eventually grow out of it. I gave up and stopped using products. I then found a company called NewGenn, they have extremely soft cleaning products that I now use as a body wash and rub, it's cleared my eczema up almost entirely because its allowed my skin to heal itself. the guy who invented the stuff has some pretty clever stuff to say about the causes of eczema and how a lot of the ingredients in the creams do a lot more damage than good. I'd recommend just trying it out, it's pretty reasonably priced.


My daughter just started showing signs of what the doctors think is eczema about a month ago. She is only 15 months old. Doctors have told me to use benadryl, and a moisturizer. I have been told to do the benadryl 4 times a day and the moisturizer 10 times a day. I am also looking for something that will clear it up without having to use all the medicines. Does eczema spread from place to place it started out on her leg ten went to her wrist, then it just started on her other wrist and foot today. I really need help any advice would be appreciated.. She is so beautiful I don't want her to have this problem.


OMG I cannot believe i found sufferers like me! im 27 and a mother and hate my body. I got excema from latex gloves but stopped wearing them 8 months ago and it gets worse every day. 5 Steroid shots, 8 oral steroids, and rx creams every day and no getting better. I'm taking notes on everything yall are saying. I moved to texas recently and this started but I cannot just move away from where my hsubands great job is and my kdis go to school so i have to try whatever I can to stay in this great community, especially since it could be coincidental (allergy testing to local allergens was negative sadly! i was hoping it was just taht easy!) i also have hives, invisible ones, all over my body and i am miserable. i did a bleach bath tonight, 1/2 cup bleach to half tub or 1/4 tub, whatever u can tolerate, kind of like swimming in a pool which can help excemaand hives. Thats my only advice.


I have also suffered for many years from Eczema with all the solutions tried with partial success only. Recently,by accident I found that a food supplement improves my eczema. In last 1 week,it has cleared up 50 %. I am continuing with the supplement and in case keep on improving will report back at this site within 2 -3 weeks. Researching this supplement ,I have started to realize the origin of the dis-ease and why no one has mentioned this supplement before. I can not believe that the solution was so easy !


i am so glad i found this.. my son daniel is only 3 months of age and has ecxema covering about 90 percent of his bosy. its terrible, and i do not know what to do but steroids are not an option in my book. he is so young and i feel like i dont wana use a bunch of products :/ i have no idea what to do


Wow! My heart goes out to all of you affected by this terrible skin condition. I know how miserable it can be. My son had eczema for 11 years. This past school year, he had a horrible flare-up on his fingers, and he had scratched & dug into his skin on his fingers so much that his fingers were infected. I put lotion & Neosporin on everyday, & it remained the same. Finally, I found a lotion that is safe & made specifically for eczema & psoriasis. Immediately his skin improved and within just a few days his skin was healed, & it has been clear ever since. He uses the lotion once or maybe twice a day. Sometimes he forgets to use it at all. It has changed his life! It's kind of hard to find, but if you want me to help you, you can email me & I will be happy to help you. Nobody should have to live like that. My email is

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