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I'm only 15 but I suffer from really bad back pains which I've had since I suffered a virus a few years back.

Turned out I'd held my back differently to relieve the pain when i had the virus and ruined my posture.

My suggestion? Well there are a few things that help me.

-Water, that's the only time I'm without pain when I'm in water. But obviously you can't stay in water forever so I do swimming. I do length which my physio says has helped.

-Yoga, like a lot of the other who've suggested it, I agree. I really feel better during yoga. Even the simple yoga exercises on the wii fit are enough to help.

-Keep your back straight, like me you may also have bad posture which can really really hurt. Just when you sit dow, be aware of you're posture.

DO NOT sit for long periods of time hunched over something, any sport that involve long running as running has only made me weak and sometimes makes the pain unbearable or do any sports that involve crouching down on bending down.

Please tell me if this helped because I want to know if I've helped other people with pains like me :)

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Ronald Chase

Hi there! Like you I have also experienced back aches .. Due to the fact I do not much adhere in ingesting medications, I have tried The Back Bubble. Do you hear about that already?


i am 16 and i have had nerve damage in my lower back since i was 5 and i have to say some of these things realy helped

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