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Drink a coke! Sometimes your body lacks endorphins found in caffeine. It works for some headaches, but not all.

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I'm pretty sure the moderate levels of lead and mercury that are in High Fructose Corn Syrup, not to mention the known harmful effects of the syrup itself, are not worth getting a little caffeine. Caffeine can help a headache but there are better ways to get cafeine without all the poisons, colorings, preservatives, and aluminum found in coke.


Cokes are not so terrible for you that you can't have ONE to help a headache. I thank you for the advise, and I will try it. :)


... drink pepsi, not coke. ;)


I recommend coffee as a good way to get caffeine. Also caffeine only works if the headache has just started. If the headache has been around for more than an hour then the caffeine will only make the headache worse.


This is good only in a pinch, caffeine will ultimately make a headache worse. You will have temporary relief but will usually find that you have a worse headache soon after.


I'm allergic to caffeine, it gives me headaches.

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