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Ive suffer from boils since i was 16 & have tried many ways of getting them to bust for the last fove days i had one that was killing me so i tired hot water & boil ease cream but it refuse to come to a head so bf told me to use vinegar & i did that two days at night & still no head so i decided to try the toothpaste that saw on here i said what the hellll tired anything at this point i put it on the boil last night & woke up this morning & it had bust, now just waiting for it to finish draining.

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What kind of tooth pasts


ok...after getting yet another boil in my groin area i tried the toothpaste remedy (afterall, i do recall these helping to zap a zit by drawing out the gook), (i used crest PASTE), took a panty shield, applied the paste, put the shield to the side of my panty and directly into the groin area that was affected (and as a side note, it cooled the area and made it more bearable) and poof...overnight it popped and began to drain....kept clean liners in the area while it drained and it was the easiest remedy i have come across...thank you all for your insights!


all i have is crest whitening or crest 3d will one of those help my boil??

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