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I have had RLS for almost 6 years now, I'm 32 years old and I get them every night till 4/5am b4 I manage to sleep. That is until now, well the last 5 days that is, and here's how.
I avoid eating after 6pm including tea, coffee more importantly I drink a glass of pure carrot juice from a juicer machine (not blender) every evening about ten pm. I also drink apple and pear juice sometimes I even mix it all up into a large glass and drink it, I would love to see if it works for anyone else. As I say it's been 5 nights and I'm sleeping with out RLS which for any one who suffers from it knows is a god send!

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I will give your remedy a try but if RLS is a neurological disorder i am not sure what 'not eating' after 6pm has to do with the nerves firing incorrectly in your legs? or for that matter the carrot juice?


Just wondering how your getting on? I guess one could say most if not everything in the body is controlled by neurology !

The point to note I guess is the vitamins your body absorbs thru the fruit juice? Compensating on what's needed ?

In all honestly I do still get RLS but it's seems not to be as harsh as b4. And I guess every little helps!


Don't drink too much of carrot juice for too long. it can damage ur liver by uploading too much of vitamin A

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