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God bless the person on here that suggested raw garlic as a way to INSTANTLY stop a wicked tooth ache. I had a monster of a tooth ach for 4 days. On the 4th night I could not fall asleep. I have been taking some Goldenseal herb via capsules for infection. On the 4th night I made a poultice of Goldenseal powder plus (fresh) powdered cloves plus 2 drops of clove oil and a few drops of water to make a paste. I forced this poultice material into the openings around the aching tooth. This had helped for earlier days but not on the 4th night. So I took a tylenol 3 with codeine. Couldn't fall asleep. So I took 2 more reg. 500mg tylenol. Couldn't fall asleep. Took More tylenol and 2 500mg aspirin. No sleep.
So I got up and crushed a large clove of garlic through a little garlic press. This yielded quite a bit of garlic juice that I dripped onto a 1.5' by 1.5' piece of gauze pad. I rolled up the garlic saturated gauze to make a 3/8' wide strip or pad. I shoved this pad up under my lip to the sore area. WOHA!
FIRE! I was shocked at the burning but I left it in place as long as I could stand. Maybe 5-7 seconds! But I noticed that the pain was KILLED INSTANTLY! I went to bed and fell a sleep INSTANTLY! (it was 5 am by this time) The next day at noon the pain has not shown its ugly face. The swelling is much reduced. I can touch and wash my face with no pain at all. I can even push hard on the cheek area and easily take the little bit of pain that results. THANKS AGAIN TO THE ONE THAT SUGGESTED GARLIC FOR TOOTH ACHE. And thank GOD for the NATURAL Medicine, garlic.
P.S. Note that garlic must be CRUSHED AND MINCED AND MASHED (or chewed) to release its benefits. Very important for good results.

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Thank you

Tattoo Lady Mel

Awsome I used garlic powder salt and some water...made a paste and applied with a Q Tip to tooth and also up into the gums above sore burns good but I could def feel pain subside... I could slay some vampires with mah garlic breath LOL!!


want i have a solution for the extreme garlic oder and burning...i didnt have fresh garlic so i used a garlic pill i bought from whole foods. its called 'whole foods premium formula once dailly' ironically i bought them initially for a toothache that spread to my ear and it helped with that as well. i put the pill in on the side of my mouth and let it dissolve where the tooth hurts. there is no burning. pain left in minutes i woke up to no pain so it worked the whole night. the pills are meant to be swallowed and the package says odorless but the smell is still strong but a lot less than actuall cloves oh and it cody about 7 dollars for 30 day supply.


Omgggg, ive had a severe toothache for awhile now due to a broken molar.. Ive been taking pain medication and nothing helpes.. Ive had shooting pain from the tooth to my brain!!! No sleep n no food.. Tonight i brushed my teeth, swished my mouth with a mixture of warm water, salt, peper annnnd garlic powder. instant relief!! I then used the juice from a jar of minced garlic and swabbed it in and around my tooth, followed by a gauze strip soaked in the garlic juice on the tooth for 10 minutes.. No more pain.. Also vicks on y cheeck!! Sleep time now :)

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