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God bless the person on here that suggested raw garlic as a way to INSTANTLY stop a wicked tooth ache. I had a monster of a tooth ach for 4 days. On the 4th night I could not fall asleep. I have been taking some Goldenseal herb via capsules for infection. On the 4th night I made a poultice of Goldenseal powder plus (fresh) powdered cloves plus 2 drops of clove oil and a few drops of water to make a paste. I forced this poultice material into the openings around the aching tooth. This had helped for earlier days but not on the 4th night. So I took a tylenol 3 with codeine. Couldn't fall asleep. So I took 2 more reg. 500mg tylenol. Couldn't fall asleep. Took More tylenol and 2 500mg aspirin. No sleep.
So I got up and crushed a large clove of garlic through a little garlic press. This yielded quite a bit of garlic juice that I dripped onto a 1.5' by 1.5' piece of gauze pad. I rolled up the garlic saturated gauze to make a 3/8' wide strip or pad. I shoved this pad up under my lip to the sore area. WOHA!
FIRE! I was shocked at the burning but I left it in place as long as I could stand. Maybe 5-7 seconds! But I noticed that the pain was KILLED INSTANTLY! I went to bed and fell a sleep INSTANTLY! (it was 5 am by this time) The next day at noon the pain has not shown its ugly face. The swelling is much reduced. I can touch and wash my face with no pain at all. I can even push hard on the cheek area and easily take the little bit of pain that results. THANKS AGAIN TO THE ONE THAT SUGGESTED GARLIC FOR TOOTH ACHE. And thank GOD for the NATURAL Medicine, garlic.
P.S. Note that garlic must be CRUSHED AND MINCED AND MASHED (or chewed) to release its benefits. Very important for good results.

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Jennifer M.

Thank you SOOO very much for posting this! I have a lot of tooth damage but had one that just started hurting and by end of eve I was almost in tears.. I tried this site and we had Garlic so I tried it..WOW! I was able to leave it on the spot for a few minutes.. It was way better but not 'gone' so I did another round of the garlic and by the end of the second round I felt NO PAIN!! Its still sensitive to drinking cold but outside of that, Its amazing! I kept the garlic close by last night in case it flared up I could put more garlic and I havent had to yet STILL feeling pretty good!YAY YAY YAY!!

Mario W.

My wife has been waiting to see the dentist for a week now. Well tonight she was in so much pain that she woke the neighbors even after taking the prescribed pain killers. I looked up this site and read about the garlic. We had plenty so I grabbed the knife and cutting board and made a paste and put it inside some gauze and had her place on top of the tooth and gently bite down on it. Within a minute she was giving me the thumbs up. She is now reading a book to put herself back to sleep. Thank you so much for this remedy.

Dental operator

It is not a cure, more of a pain releif until you can be seen by a professional. I would hope that this is the case, otherwise be prepared for the pain to return in few weeks/months. Caries and tooth infection need to be treated otherwise the continue to progress, making the treatment more complicated if future.
Dont get me wrong, im all for natural treatments, except when it comes to this. There are none out there that are prove 'curers'.
Last point though, prevention is better then cure!

Melissa Moreno

Incredable cure.. My niece was sobbing from the pain, we tried this and it worked like a charm. Thank You to whoever thru this out here as she is sleeping now. Her pain level was a 10 and within a min. dropped to a 1/2 level. God bless this remedy.


As if that actually worked. I chopped it up as much as i could and just rubbed it around everywhere that hurt. Rinsed out and repeated. It's like fucking MAGIC!


Thanks!!! Goodnite:)


I cannot believe how good this works. It is 2a.m. and I have been in such agony. No sleep, extreme pain. The kind of pain that makes you contemplate pulling the tooth with pliers kind of pain. I bit down on raw garlic and held it. within a minute, much less pain. Well off to bed for some sleep finally...I will deal with the breath part in the morning. Thanks for a great instant home remedy


I was skeptical about using garlic clove for toothache pain but desperate enough to try it. Much to my surprise and delight IT WORKED! The pain went away but boy does my breath stink this morning. Thanks for the suggestions Great website!


I crushed a clove of garlic in the garlic crusher, scraped the crushed garlic with a knife ans puy it straight onto my gums. It relieved it a bit. 5/10 minutes later I went back, took the skin out of the inside of the garlic crusher and chewed it. This time I felt the burn! I chewed it for about a minute, and this time I rinsed afterwards. And it worked. Pain level is down to about a 2 and is getting less as I type. Thank you for posting this. Much Love.


thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! lucky i like garlic because the taste is so so so strong bu thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!! eternally grateful for garlic =)

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