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God bless the person on here that suggested raw garlic as a way to INSTANTLY stop a wicked tooth ache. I had a monster of a tooth ach for 4 days. On the 4th night I could not fall asleep. I have been taking some Goldenseal herb via capsules for infection. On the 4th night I made a poultice of Goldenseal powder plus (fresh) powdered cloves plus 2 drops of clove oil and a few drops of water to make a paste. I forced this poultice material into the openings around the aching tooth. This had helped for earlier days but not on the 4th night. So I took a tylenol 3 with codeine. Couldn't fall asleep. So I took 2 more reg. 500mg tylenol. Couldn't fall asleep. Took More tylenol and 2 500mg aspirin. No sleep.
So I got up and crushed a large clove of garlic through a little garlic press. This yielded quite a bit of garlic juice that I dripped onto a 1.5' by 1.5' piece of gauze pad. I rolled up the garlic saturated gauze to make a 3/8' wide strip or pad. I shoved this pad up under my lip to the sore area. WOHA!
FIRE! I was shocked at the burning but I left it in place as long as I could stand. Maybe 5-7 seconds! But I noticed that the pain was KILLED INSTANTLY! I went to bed and fell a sleep INSTANTLY! (it was 5 am by this time) The next day at noon the pain has not shown its ugly face. The swelling is much reduced. I can touch and wash my face with no pain at all. I can even push hard on the cheek area and easily take the little bit of pain that results. THANKS AGAIN TO THE ONE THAT SUGGESTED GARLIC FOR TOOTH ACHE. And thank GOD for the NATURAL Medicine, garlic.
P.S. Note that garlic must be CRUSHED AND MINCED AND MASHED (or chewed) to release its benefits. Very important for good results.

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OMG. I have been aching. for hours now, trying to get to sleep. I was trying to ignore the pain, took 3 aleve, 3 tylenol, held a ice pack on my cheek for about an hour, and poured a BC powder on my tooth. NOTHING HELPED. Then I read this site, I didn't have plain clove, so I used a paste of Chinese Five Spice, clove is an ingredient. I put it on my tooth, and waited about 2 mins. Tasted like shit. lol but then I rinsed with warmish water. People, DO NOT USE COLD WATER. It makes it feel better for a second, but makes it worse, I promise you. I then chopped up a fresh clove of garlic, and placed it in a gauze pad. I put the gauze on my tooth and bit down... I love garlic, but this is strong. It is spicy, but just handle it. I kept biting, and letting the garlic-infused spit seep around the painful area. I kept the gauze with garlic around my tooth for about 45 seconds, took it out, and spit out the spit. took a breath from the spicyness, and wow. NO PAIN!!!! I noticed that when I was lying down it was hurting more, I read it is because the pain is caused by a gas in your tooth. When you lay down, blood rushes constantly to your head, so it hurts more, and longer. THIS IS ALSO WHY COLD WATER IS BAD. the cold makes it feel better temporarily because it contracts the gas, but your tooth produces more gas since there is more room from the contracted gas. so when you swallow the cold water, there is now more gas in your tooth, causing more pain. I didn't know that until right after I read this page. I've been typing this for about 10 minutes now, and I still have no pain. I have a fan near my bed and I can slightly feel discomfort from the air going in my open mouth, but nothing compared to ten minutes ago. Thank you so much. Now I can finally sleep... ZzzZzz...


OMG! That worked wonders. I thought the pain would never go away. I have another reason to love garlic. It burned like hell but so far that is the best remedy. EVER!!!


Thank God for garlic! This remedy works! The pain was making me sick to my stomach! Burns a little...but not bad! Pain all but gone! Garlic is Gods natural cure for soooooooooooo many things! Thank you for sharing!


i still have some pain after i bit on some raw garlic but not how its less painful.This really works as i'm typing the pain is less thank you for the advise very nice........


This does REALLY work, my husband was rolling around in agony when I looked on this site out of desperation, he reluctanly tried it and unbelievable it really did work. Thank goodness I looked and thank goodness we had garlic!


I have been suffering from severe toothache and in desperation came across these remedies and tried the garlic a few seconds ago. I'm typing this message in ZERO pain! 5 seconds ago I was nearly in tears. Thank you guys for sharing this. So grateful!!


god has really put all natural cures here on earth for us all we have to do is look and keep helping one another :)my poor baby(boy friend) was in so much pain i was almost in tears lol but thank god for this remedie and the person who shared it also another remedie would be (clavos)=nails its a mexican herb that could be found at any mexican grocery store i would have used that remedie but had garlic...


Biting down on the chopped garlic definitely worked instantly. That's really awesome!


Thanks a million for posting this remedy. It totally worked and I finally managed to sleep. I also went one step further by rubbing the garlic mince onto the gums around the painful tooth area and let it burn for a couple of minutes. Then I gave my mouth a quick rinse. After a few minutes, the pain was gone. Thanks again for this fantastic natural remedy.

eddy, fw tx

yes! minced garlic worked for me as well :)

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