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Just so you all know, chiggers do not actually burrow into the skin. When they bite, they inject something that makes you itch. Putting nail polish, alcohol, bleach, etc. will only irritate the skin and does not help alleviate the itching. Best things you can do is take benedryl or off-brand version and apply anti-itch creams. The creams that include an analgesic work best. Look up more info on chiggers online. Only bad thing is the itching and possible infection from itching due to breaks in the skin from scratching too much and too hard.

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The nail polish is so you dont scratch at the bite and you let the skin heal


the nail polish so DOES NOT work cuz i did it 2day and it still itches BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Drye

If you think fingernail Polish doesn't work, you must be SOME kind of a nut because it does. I would get chiggers as a kid when picking blackberries and it was murder. They would bite me behind my knees, groin and underarms and I discovered that fingernail Polish extinguished the itching!

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