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Hi. I had a plantar wart about a month ago. I went to the doctor an had it frozen off but it just came right back with 3 lil' buddies. I read a lot of remedies and decided to try a few out.

On the largest of my warts i used lemon juice, which made sense sjnce it is acidic. I put it on a cottn ball and used bandages to hold it down, an finished it off with a sock to hold it. Ilefy it on allday and night, except to change it, and it worked within a week and this wart has not come back yet.

I used duct tape.on a smaller one. It worked okay, but i guess it depends.

On the thatcame back i used a store bouggtmedication. I forgt wat it was, butit didnt work n i ended up using lemon juice on that too.

And the last and littlest, i used duct tape agin a ot workedfor this one. On the other one i used lemon juice again

All in all, i guess it just depnds.

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