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Itchy Heather

Take your pick:
Dawn + Kosher Salt
Eggwhites + Cornstarch
Proactive Step 3
Benedryl Paste
Banana peel
Your own urine
Cascade Complete
Stridex Pads
Oxy Cream
GoJo or any gritty degreaaser
Acetone (polish remover)
Shoe Polish
Soft Scrub
Vick's Vapor Rub
Deoderant (preventitve)
Electronics cleaners
A blow torch? (someone actually recommended!!!!

Most common advice- SALT Scrub with blue Dawn, then make a paste with benedryl to treat. Keep area from getting infected, but do not cover.

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I couldn't find the 'Proactive Step 3' so I used 'Step 2.' I think its soap, but its working so far. I just did it though. I have everything pulled out of the cabinet here, even the Prep-H. I am up every night for a week now with my legs itching. Not even sure its poison ivy, it just itches like mad!

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