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Hey everyone I just got GW about 5-7 months ago now, and I just wanted to say ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) WORKS! here is what I'm doing currently! I started to use it as soon as I bought the stuff after reading about it here. I purchased 100 Triple Thick cotton balls and Braggs ACV with the mother inside. I am a male and the GW are on my anus.

I applied my first cotton ball for approx. 3 hours, with the cotton dripping quite a bit at exactly 3pm.

I waited about 3-4 hours before applying another and going to sleep with it.

Wokeup at 6am to remove the cotton, and applied Peroxide to clean the area and Aloe Vera with Menthol to sooth the terrible terrible burning I've been suffering.

Re-applied around 2pm waiting until 5pm to remove and apply aloe and peroxide.

Re-applied again around 10pm and took it out to take a warm bath. In the bath I was lightly scrubbing my anus with a washcloth and soap and the GW started flaking off!

I applied a smaller ammount for a couple more hours and took it out before bed tonight for a good night sleep without burning.

My notes, the GW turned white, gray, then black, now only black. I will apply again once I wakeup and leave it in for 3 hours, with a 4 hour break after.
Good Luck people over 90% of people who use ACV over Dr. prescriptions prove ACV works than what any DR could give you.

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Joker, I am female and trying the do you get the cotton to stay on? And will the Best Choice brand ACV from Walmart work? I want this thing gone asap


shadow, i think band-aid could work


Shadow...also as a female, I reccomend that you get a big cotton ball and apply as joker said, but then use a panty liner or thicker pad to keep the ball in place....this is just a thought...I haven't tried it, yet....but will! I just discovered mine gw yesterday after taking a shower.

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