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Hello everyone my 2 in a half year old daughter got lice yes ughhh im so upset... so I found this web site and decided to try one, the one you put vinegar all over the hair until its all wet then put a bag on and tie it and leave it on for an1 hour or 2 then rinse it out with Palmolive then put conditioner and leave it on comb,comb,and you'll see all those nasty little bug dead o and for nitts or eggs you can put cooking oil odry hair
then you comb,and comb with a special lice comb and you'll see how many get stuck on the lice comb. And my last step that I gave a try and its removing the last
but not least is a slippery gel called MEDlice that my dad bought at ride aid works so good for both lice and eggs (nitts ) thanks hope this helps

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Man I hate these bugs!!! My girl is in her last year of elementary and it seems like, we'll let me just say the Nix dosnt even work anymore!!!! I want to thank you for the home remedy! It works and saves me a LOT of $!!!!!


I'm sorry my comment was for Mona!! Thanks baby!!!!!


I used nothing but the liceMD on both of my boys and myself. I left it on anywhere from 30min-1hr. The boys have short hair and i have really long hair to the middle of my back. It worked for all 3 of us. So its good for short or long hair. Of course i left it on mine the longest just in case. We run the nit comb through our hair and then washed it normally. Iv also been told by friends that mayo works. Good luck and thanks! NEVER BUY OTC STUFF CAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK!! It just kills the hair and damages the scalp!

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