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Hi, im 14 and had have stretch marks since I was 12. Basically, I need help to get rid of these things. Ive slowly noticed me go to two piece swimsuit, to one, to a shirt and shorts. Another thing was I didnt try out for volleyball this year cuz I was afraid I was goin to make it and wear shorts/spandex and short sleevesfor our games which would show my stretch marks on my legs and arms. I am going to try out next year but I need your help. Iv er been using coco butter and saw some results even the first time,but I need something better so stretch marks cant stop me from playing the sport I love.

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Palmer's Cocoa butter OIL worked pretty good for me. The oil can be a bit messy but what I did was apply it to my problematic areas once in the morning and once before i went to bed. It changed the look of my stretch marks Alot but was no permanint solution.


how much of each thing did i need to use ???


Hey,I used to play volleyball and netball many years ago for my Borough,I had stretch marks then and still have a few now,don't let stretch marks stop you from doing things you enjoy. There is a way of reducing their appearances. I have tried and tested many shop sold stretch mark fade creams,but this over time can become too expensive. What has worked for me in the recent years (it can take long but promise the commitment if you start early in your life might be of extra benefit). Here's the list.. Swimming regularly,drinking water everyday,moisturising whole of body everyday (twice) with olive oil. I also use vitamin E cream,oil sometimes especially outdoors esp if your playing sports it can become uncomfortable). When in bath/shower use a gentle but firm scrub/loofa and in circular motions gently massage skin,don't be tempted to scrub hard,you'll only damage your skin and the stretch marks won't fade any faster. Avoid junk food,eat healthy. Some of the above may just sound like the usual advice but try keep at it everyday esp the moisturise everyday and swim regularly.hope that helped.


I feel ur pain, I'm 14 and it's horrible. I didn't try out for my schools swim team this year thanks to my stretch marks. I'm using palmers coco butter but it's not doing much. Well I really wish you luck!

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