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Hello everyone! Most older kids and teens, like me, will come across that much despised pimple or head that you just want gone! Or some of us have them all over our faces, so here I will tell you how to zap your zits for good!

First, cut down on sweets. Sugary foods, especially candies, will increase chin or eyebrow pimples. Stick to a healthy diet. Next, drink plenty of water. It's good for your whole body, not just your complexion. Go ahead and squeeze the heads, just not the red and pink ones that hurt! They will leave acne scars that are almost impossible to remove. Stick to a face washing routine consisting of your cleanser and the remedies I will list next~ wash your face thoroughly, patting it dry with a soft towel. Next, apply fat free milk on a dry washcloth and rub gently. Milk is nourishing and relieves redness and pain. Make sure it's fat free though, because fats and oils just add to your pimples. Next, apply over-salted water to a cotton ball and apply for three minutes to a specific blemish or blemishes. Last but not least {yes, its true!!} toothpaste left on a zit over night works wonders for almost everyone! Good luck :)

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WILL IT WORK ????????????????????????


Okay, don't wanna hate but if you have ACNE, then the food you eat has no effect on your skin, however to avoid the odd pimple, then cutting back on fried food will help. It seems odd, but trust me, it's true. Also, if you do have acne, then go to your doctor! I guarantee they'll be ablest prescribe you a daily tablet that helps reduce the hormones and oil levels that effect you're skin.

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